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September 30, 2013:
Dunkin Donuts is adding pork doughnuts in China with LeBron James as a celebrity endorser, and people in the US are clamoring for a taste!



The overpriced Cronut has taken over donut news, but so far no pork cronuts are in the recipe books.

Where can you get a pork donut?

Can you get a pork donut in your next dozen doughnuts?

The introduction of Pork Doughnuts in China has created a new buzz in the United States from people who want to try these savory treats themselves. While people who live in areas with an Asian population may already be familiar with Dim Sum or Manapua which includes pork and a variety of sauces, the idea of a pork doughnut has an especial appeal of its own, and everyone is talking about it. You can expect to see a lot more recipes and imitators now that this latest culinary creation, combining deep fried dough and shredded pork, is going to be a conversation topic for the next couple of months.

Dunkin Donuts is the innovator for pork doughnuts, having announced recently that it is looking to sell them in China and places that are not predominantly Muslim, where pork is considered unclean and not eaten. As a consumer oriented approach, pork doughnuts could be a home run for populations that eat a variety of pork products and appreciate the convenience of the new donut types.

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Notes and Special Information

Special note:While not available in the US, everyone is wanting a pork donut, with the exception of people who don't eat pork because it is not kosher, or they don't eat animals, or because pork is high in saturated fats in most foods that the Bacon Culture of the Americas is interested in consuming.